silver white winters that melt into springs.

Kendallville, IN, USA

In the year that Suz Bakes has been quiet, I've packed up my Kitchen Aid and moved from the Midwest to North Carolina. Everything has stayed in boxes because I haven't settled down just yet, so voilĂ ! Behold, the excuse for my silence!

I've missed baking and decorating like crazy, so a trip home for the holidays equaled some quality time in the kitchen. I'd like to tell you that it was a blissfully cathartic experience and basically the best day ever, but that's not the truth. I threw my third cake in the trash without bothering to photograph it, and there is currently a dusting of powdered sugar on every possible surface in the kitchen.

baking school: a day in the life.

Toronto, ON, Canada

When I first envisioned blogging about my time at Bonnie Gordon, I figured that I'd keep notes about learned techniques and important things... for my benefit and for yours.

That didn't happen. My notes are safely tucked inside my binder and clearly won't be going anywhere any time soon. Instead, I've taken to rambling on about odd things that you probably don't care about - especially if you don't know me - and I wanted to give a bit of a this-is-how-we-do for those who are interested in useful information. I had a hard time finding out things before I left for Canada, so if I can make another student's life easier, I'm all too happy to do so!

baking school: all the small things.

Toronto, ON, Canada

I became best friends with an iron garden shovel during my snow day. Or maybe mortal enemies - depends on how you look at it. I don't know about the rest of Toronto, but our little neck of the woods got pounded on. I'm pretty sure it came down from the moment I fell asleep to the wee hours of the following morning. I haven't seen that much snow on my car in years - and we just had a blizzard, didn't we? Exactly.

baking school: fancy cake and things that flake.

Toronto, ON, Canada

The struggle bus finally found me in Canadaland, and it arrived Tuesday morning - bright and early. I woke up earlier than ever on Canadian soil… but it took forever to take pictures of all the little macarons and package them up properly so they wouldn't get icky freezer smells.